Friday, April 26, 2013

England, Part Three

     What surprised me was that it didn't bother hiding from the family. They all saw it, and Kiba's mother screamed in terror. Her stepfather tried to hit It with a pan, and he was thrown across the kitchen for his trouble. I shouted at them to run, and basically did the same thing Kiba's stepfather did, though I managed to avoid getting launched across the room. I lead It out the back door, and into the city, where It eventually gave up on chasing me.
     When I returned to the house, Kiba and her family were there, all alive, though her stepfather had several bruised ribs. As can be expected, Kiba and I had to explain things to them. When that was finally done with, they were shell shocked. At first, they didn't want to believe it. They demanded proof to what we claimed. The first thing we did to prove it was me healing the stepfather's bruised ribs. When that was done, I showed them the scars on my back, to drive home the gravity of the situation they were now in. They decided that they couldn't stay in their home anymore, and had to run. They didn't know where they would go, though.
     I wanted to stay and help them, though I new I had to return to the estate at some point. So, I told them that they could come with me back to the states, where things would be somewhat safer there. I then called Marcus, and informed him that I was in England, and would return soon. I then instructed him to contact the old estate staff and inform them that they could return to working there.
     We stayed for a few days, so that they could pack what they needed, and finalize their personal matters. Then, when they were all set to leave, I opened a portal back to the states, and you all know the rest. A few more Runners have trickled in, but it has otherwise been quiet. Kiba's asked if she could post on here, so I suppose that you all can look forward to that. For now, I have a few things to take care of.



  1. Still don't know if rallying up a bunch of people in one place is a good idea.

    Lets hope it is.

    - Mr. Incognito

    1. Its not. It has been tried, and failed numerous times. Sages are an effective system that runners don't seem to want to return to but everyone huddling in one corner to get stomped out in one go is apparently peachy.

      Priorities I suppose.

    2. But then again, people that organized such things, had never really had sufficient funds to do this operation. Not to mention, none of them were magic users.

      So it may be different over here this time.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    3. Most under the Sage system are dead or missing. Why should we be arsed to restore it if we'll only get the same outcome?

    4. Most are just dead or missing. That's kind of what Father does.

      You're assuming the sages didn't help delay that inevitability based on... nothing. You're sheep. Someone asked you that very same question a while back and you've been repeating it at me for days now.

      Guess what, most under the 'Nothing' system are probably gonna go dead or missing too.

      And everyone under the 'huddle together in one spot' system is gonna die.

    5. I assumed nothing. I simply asked that question you keep side-stepping. I think you'll find I was not asked that question, I just noted that you felt the need to give Med the title of Sage. You were asked that question by Lysander. Spoiler alert: you side-stepped it.

      I didn't even know what Sages were before you wrote about them in your post about Med. Had to look it all up. And what I saw was a system that didn't work because everyone died. Kind of like how in medieval times they treated ass problems with hot iron. They probably had their reasons for doing it which I don't know the details of, but it never worked so I don't care.

      I never made any statements about the "nothing" system. Or any other system, for that matter. Why would I? Haven't seen as much of them. I personally like this "let's just drop it and kill the Slender Man" mentality. We'll see.

      My point being: we seek a system that will keep us alive. Not delay. Alive. And the sage system can't provide that, so sod it.

    6. Yeah. Nothing can do that. You're all gonna die. Some things can't be changed.

    7. "You're" Fracutre? Really, you say that is if you think we are going to survive this, or maybe you don't think that we are going to survive this, maybe you think that you are going to survive this.

    8. I think I've got some time. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

  2. I should probably fix this, shouldn't be too quiet.
    Expect things!

  3. Is this a game of some sort, or are you all insane?