Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last of the Last

My apologies for taking so long to post again. My conversation with Last went better than expected. I had found him out by Clair's grave. I approached him, and the discussion began:

Last: "Rogue Shadow, I'm assuming?"
Me: "Yes, that's right. It is a pleasure to meet you, Last." -I extend my hand to shake.-
Last: -He shakes my hand- "How was England?"
Me: "Eventful. I brought back a Runner and her family."
Last: "Good for you. Trying to move on?" -he nodded towards Clair's grave-
Me: -I sighed- "Originally, no. Then things became... complicated."
Last: -he nodded, then fell silent for a moment before continuing- "So. You're clearly fairly well of by Runner standards. I generally make it a rule to help out all the people who help Kenny out with some sort of financial compensation. Your job is to convince me you're worth supporting."
Me: -I clasped my hands behind my back- "I'm sure you have noticed the estate's staff returning. I plan on turning my estate into a safehouse for Runners. As we speak, I have a few of my contacts spreading the word of this place to Runners. There is one complication, however."
Last: "And what would that be?"
Me: "Not all Runners are on the eastern seaboard. There are many who will not be able to reach this place simply due to the fact that the distance would be to great. This is where my proposal comes into play."
Last: -a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth- "Go on...."
Me: "I'm planning on establishing another safehouse. It will likely be in a more central part of the United States, making it easier to reach. I am thinking Kansas."
Last:  -he thought for a moment- "A good idea. But it could be improved. People have created safehouses before. What makes you think these will succeed any better?"
Me: " Firstly, it will be fully staffed, and fortified. Secondly, Runners that choose to take refuge there can receive training to better defend themselves, just as they will here."
Last: "If I may add on to that?"
Me: "By all means."
Last: "Start with a second safehouse, but don't stop with it. Keep it growing. Some people don't like sitting in one place, and it's not smart to pack a bunch of people getting stalked into one place for a long stretch of time. Start a sort of underground railroad so that people can move from safehouse to safehouse if they want to."
Me: -I nodded- "We are on the same page with that."
Last: "Tell you what. You fund one safehouse in Kansas. I'll fund one on the west coast. That sound like a fair deal?"
Me: -I extended my hand- "Deal."
Last: -he shook my hand- "Now then, I think this organization needs a name."
Me: "Indeed it does." -I thought for a moment- "How does the Resistance sound?"
Last: "Sounds good. Shall we declare this the official start of the Resistance then?"
Me: -I nodded-
Last: "It's settled, then. You probably won't be seeing me again, and probably won't hear from me after I send you that address. So I'll just let you know now... thanks for taking care of him." -With that, he turned and walked away-

Once our discussion finished, I began work on establishing the new safehouse in Kansas. It is now fully up and running, and I have checked in with the safehouse in California. On top of that, there has been a surprising amount of runners that have arrived at these locations. Nearly twenty Runners currently call my estate home, and another twelve are staying at the Kansas facility. Things are going well for now. Now then, I believe I will explain my time in England and the events that transpired there in my next post. For now, I have a few matters to attend to.



  1. California? hmmm Interesting...

  2. The Resistance? Really? Out of all the names out there, you go and pick The Resistance? Do you realize how ridiculously cliche that is?


  3. Good to hear that you're still alive, been quite for a while now.

    What is also good to hear, is that there are people out there who have the means to help out those who are incapable of taking care of themselves and need some help.

    Your doing a great job, lets just hope, this plan of yours doesn't go south.

    And I must agree with Raggedy on that one.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  4. The name is not what is important, it is the actions that one takes.


  5. This is a terrible idea. You are gonna get a bunch of people killed.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So Fracture I hear you have a Runner Bounty board...I am very...Interested...

    3. The point of killing runners is not for the sake of killing people. Its a ritual to keep the big guy fed and entertained.

      Its about the great game.

      And for me, its about saving what few I can.

      Sure, most of you will die eventually anyways but if you all rush into it then more will die after you and I'll have saved none of you.