Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fucking Loops

You know, if I had known beforehand that I was going to go through all of this drama, I wouldn't have followed Shadow out of that first Loop. Sure, it was dark and quiet, but at least I didn't have to deal with that ass, Weaver. Who the hell is he anyway? I never read anything about this guy before he went and threw me and Brett into that stupid Loop of his. Speaking of Brett, I don't think he's been properly introduced. Brett is, or was, Shadow's apprentice, and is possibly the only one that is familiar with Shadow's kind of magic. I say was because, as you have no doubt noticed, there's been no sign of Shadow for about seven months. Brett and I went looking for him, and that's when Weaver showed up, going on and on about his story not being ready, and then he trapped us. Can someone give me a summary of what's happened since we went dark? I've tried to skim through the posts between then and now, but there's way to many for me to finish any time soon.

That said, what little information we have found gives us a few clues as to where to look next. But that's not all. Before we went looking for Shadow, we had a talk with Mira, Noah, and the Grigori. We know what happened to Kenny and the Masks.


The End of a Long Absence

My my my, just look at this place. As silent as the grave, though not nearly as interesting to look at. Then again, I don't know what I expected when I blocked that ex proxy and her cowardly tag along from seeing the blogs, or throwing them into a Loop. A daring escape? Some form of development or shocking revelation of the few things they had found? Well, I must say I am rather disappointed, because all I got was a series of rants followed by nearly six months of rather dull daily routines. I would have let them out sooner, mind you, but they were so uninteresting that I completely forgot about them. I suppose I've kept them off the trail long enough that I can let them out now. I do hope this proves to be as entertaining as I envision it. Oh, but where are my manners? I ramble on but nearly forgot to introduce myself.

You may call me Weaver.