Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Long Overdue Update

My apologies for the prolonged silence on our end here. Things became rather busy after the last post. After the runners staying at the estate settled in, I asked them all to gather for a meeting. I explained to them what the Resistance is, and what we aim to do. At that point, I asked who among them would be willing to join. It was silent for a few moments. Then one of them stood up, a thin, shaggy haired teen by the name of Brett. Then I saw Kiba's brothers stand, followed by Kiba herself. Before I knew it, half of the group was on their feet. I looked at them and offered my thanks, and told them that training would begin early the following morning. With Marcus' help, we began training the recruits. Marcus was a Marine that saw multiple tours in Vietnam, so they were learning from the best. We have been busy with training since then. With the training almost finished, I decided it would be best if I updated, let you all know that we are still alive. We shall likely become more active soon. For now, farewell.