Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unsettling Disturbances

I'm still not sure what to make of the events that transpired around me this weekend, but I need to tell you guys what happened.

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Nothing other than the usual feeling of being watched by It and the nightmares occurred. It troubles me that I've become so used to them being part of everyday life.

My orienteering team went to another competition, at the same place I was assaulted last month. I fared better during the event then I did last time, and It only watched me, but I was disqualified for missing a point. After I returned to where we were set up, I walked down to the beach, some twenty feet away. I spotted a rock outcropping that jutted out and stopped right at the shoreline. I climbed it, and lo and behold, It was on the opposing bank of the lake.

I was filled with anger, thinking that it was time I did something to try and fight back. I sat down on the outcropping, just above the water, and entered into a meditative position, and began to exert my presence against It's own. What I had hoped to gain from this was to force It out of my head, so that I might get the nightmares to stop.

What resulted was more or less a spiritual shoving match, me trying to get It out, It trying to stay in. As this happened, I could hear the tide growing stronger, the waves becoming increasingly violent. When it finally ended, it felt like I had managed to kick It out of my head. As I climbed down the rocks, feeling triumphant, I spotted something that had washed ashore, and bent down to retrive it.

It was a black leaf, darker than the blackest of obsidian. As I held it, I felt it leaching away at my hand, draining me. A horrid sight flashed into my mind; a giant tree, a mile high at least, with massive branches that dozens of bodies hung from, their entrails hanging out like streamers. The tree itself leaked blood, and the roots covered the entire surface on which I stood. The roots started wrapping around me, crushing every bone in my body as I slowly died.

Upon snapping out of the vision, I dropped the leaf, and ground it into the sand, stomping it to pieces. As soon as I finished, the tide kicked up again, crashing onto the shore, and taking the leaf fragments with it. The nightmares are now agonizingly worse, and I'm becoming extremely exhausted. It watches me wherever I go, with only brief moments where It leaves me be. Things have become so much worse than I thought they would.

But I can't run. Not yet. I swore an oath to someone, and I plan to see it through, no matter the cost. And if that means enduring this torment for a while longer, so be it. Besides, it gives you guys some breathing room, which makes it twice as worth it. I've got to go, I'll keep in touch.