Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Rundown of Events

I apologize for taking so long. Schoolwork has me busy, so I may not post as often as I'd like. That said I'll bring everyone up to speed on what I've been doing:

I participated in an orienteering competition  I was doing fine, until I stopped to help another person figure out where they were going. We were taking the same course, so we decided to work together. Sadly, she wasn't very good, and we quickly became lost. We spent the next hour wandering the forest. All the while I could feel It watching, but It never made a move. We eventually made it back to the starting zone. Neither of our teams won trophies.

Nothing of note occurred with me today, though I did got soaked with rain.

My after school orienteering practice was canceled, so I spent the day working on my Latin and other homework.

The power in my school went out during first period, and I suffered from (and still am) a horrible headache all day.

All in all, things have been slow around here. BlackRose, on the other hand, has been very busy. I wish him the best of luck. I'll post again soon.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time To Explain

Alright, I'm able to stay awake for now, so I'll elaborate on what happened to me two days ago. Against my better judgment, I joined my school's orienteering team. For those that don't know, orienteering is when you run through the forest with only a compass and a map.I know, bad idea, but I won't let It ruin what I enjoy doing.

Anyway, we went to a nearby orienteering course to practice for a competition on Sunday. As I made my way through the course, I caught up with another teammate, the team captain, and we worked our way forward at a good pace, until we became confused where the next marker was. At this point, another runner caught up with us, and the three of us found it shortly after. As we were running , the others ahead of me jumped over some deadfall. As I jumped over, I was about to land just fine, when something grabbed my ankle and pulled my leg from under me, and it made me land on my leg wrong. It was hard as granite, and it chilled me to the bone. As the others came to see if I was okay, I hurried forward and turned to see what had snagged me.

As to be expected, there was nothing there that could have gotten me. I think It was trying to send me a message, like "You're not safe in the forest. Remember why." The others assumed I jumped wrong, and I didn't correct them.The rest of the course went without incident, though I could tell It was watching me.

I would have explained yesterday, but I was working at my school football game, and then I went from there straight to an overnight fundraiser for special needs children. I got home, and immediately passed out from exhaustion. I woke up, still tired, and decided to fill everyone in. Right, so I've gt things to do today, and then the orienteering competition tomorrow. Yes, I'm still going to that. Like I said, It is not taking away what I enjoy doing. I'll tell you guys how it goes when that finishes. Until next time.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Cold Night Alone

I can't explain much right now. I can still feel It, watching. My leg still hurts from what happened. I'll elaborate tomorrow, if I can. And BlackRose, I'm serious. Run. It's cold again. It shouldn't be cold in here. Why is it so cold?


Monday, September 10, 2012

A Lesson Learned

I first appeared on one of Hakurei Ryuu's posts last month. Four days after my first comment, I saw It for myself. I'll explain what happened as best I remember it.

I was returning from my second day of school, me and my friends having an entertaining conversation about how their summer vacations had gone. When the bus finally reached my stop, I got off and started walking up the road towards my house. Now, my bus stop happens to be across the street from a somewhat dense forest. As I walked, I turned to say goodbye to another student, whose home was in the opposite direction. As I turned, I spotted something strange in the forest, so I stopped and squinted to try and get a better look.

Sadly, I saw all to well what It was, and was immediately filled with fear, and my head was struck with a searing pain. I nearly dropped my bag as I sprinted down the road. As I cut through my neighbors yard, I slowed down to catch my breath, and see if It was still behind me. Though I couldn't see It, I still felt It's wretched gaze upon me, so I continued to run into my house, where I proceeded to leave a semi-frantic plea for help, and promptly passed out.

At this point, I should note that I had been suffering from Slender Man related nightmares for several weeks, after meticulously reading multiple slenderblogs. When I read Hakurei's response, I immediately felt ashamed. In my panicked state, I had forgotten to explain my situation. After a short conversation on what happened and what I could try next, I re-read everything. A few things she said had hit home. In a way, that conversation may have been a key factor in my decision to start this blog.

Anyway, I'm calling it a night. Hopefully I won't be to busy with school to post tomorrow.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Introduction

Greetings. Seeing as how I'm a newer face, allow me to elaborate on a few things.
Though I will keep my name under raps,  I go by Shadow. I am a junior in high school. This blog was started during the Third Generation of Sages (AmalgamationSage, Hakurei Ryuu, and Kay). In the days to come, I will be attempting to help any Runners that come my way.

I started this blog for several reasons. 1) I saw what was happening in the many slenderblogs and wanted to help. 2) I have seen the Slender Man for myself, and hope I myself can find help here.

I know that by getting involved in all this, I'm signing my own death warrant. That said, everyone dies some day, and it's not like I have much to live for. Besides, I'd rather rather fight/protect others from a supernatural abomination than work at McDonalds.

Remember, so long as a light still shines, the darkness will never win.