Tuesday, April 23, 2013

England, Part Two

     I am not quite sure how long I was there, bleeding. I do know that it was as I had started to lose consciousness that something truly unexpected happened. Of all the things to happen, I heard the door to the warehouse open. I didn't move, unsure if it was a proxy, or a late night worker checking on the cargo stored in the warehouse. But as another surprise, I heard someone calling my name. Though we had only had a short chance to talk before separating, I recognized it as Kiba. I was astonished that she had found me, then realized that she must have been using the GPS system in the phone I had given her to track my phone and find me.
     Reluctantly, I called back to her, and when she found me, she grew very worried. I was in no condition to get very far, and there was no hospital nearby. That was when she remembered that I could open portals, and said that if I opened a portal to her house, she could patch me up there, and I could use my healing magic from there. Hesitantly, I agreed, and after she showed me a picture of her house, I opened a portal to the back lawn, so we would not be seen. She helped me to her room, and after setting my on her bed, she went to get a first aid kit, and stated treating what she could.
     When she finished, I thanked her for helping me. She smiled, and said it was the least she could do, seeing as I had nearly gotten myself killed rescuing her. I spent the next week in bed, letting the healing magic run its course, resetting and mending bones, as well as repairing internal organs and replacing lost blood, all the while Kiba stayed at my bedside, and we would spend each day, talking about various things. That week was the first time I smiled since Clair. When I finally finished healing, I got ready to head home. But as I got ready to open the portal, I hesitated. I thought about Kiba, and how if I left, she would be defenseless, and I might not arrive in time should this happen again.
     I decided that I couldn't let that happen. I... I couldn't afford to lose her. I still can't. I asked her if I could continue staying, and she was more then happy to oblige. The time I spent with Kiba there was rather nice. Not long after, however, her family realized that I was staying there. Kiba was impressively quick, saying that I was an exchange student from America who was studying abroad, and needed somewhere to stay. They bought it, and I got to know her family somewhat better.
     This peace didn't last, however. We had all been coming back to the house, Me, Kiba, and her family. We had been coming back from a day at the local market. When we got inside, It was standing in the kitchen, waiting for us.

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