Monday, April 22, 2013

England, Part One

     The events that transpired in England were rather intense, to start off. As Mr. Mortel explained in his post Disappearances and Departures, we had been on the back lawn of my estate. I had been in a private chatroom with a Runner in England, by the name of Kiba Thompson. We were having a rather pleasant conversation, when she said that she saw Slender Man, and had to run. It was at this point I decided I would help her. I informed the others, and opened a portal, then proceeded to enter it. To clarify, I am not a servant of any Fear, so the realm I use to travel is not one of their domains. It is a realm I found when I was astrally projecting.
     After coming out on the other side, I came out in a rather troublesome position. Quite literally in between Slender Man and Kiba. I handed her my phone, told her to call the first number on the contact list, and then told her to run. When she did, I made sure It focused on me, then led It in the opposite direction. To be honest, I am not sure how long I ran, though I know I started in Darlington, and ended near the English Channel. The entire time, It took shots at me, playing with me like a game of cat and mouse. When I reached the channel, the sun was going down, and It had grown tired of our chase. It grabbed my leg with one of Its tentacles, and slammed me against a wall. I hit hard, and I felt a few of my ribs breaking, as well as my arm getting dislocated. It slashed at me with those tentacles, cutting me all over, until It finally even grew tired of that. It slammed me against a wall again, and then vanished. After struggling to my feet, I staggered into a fishing warehouse, and collapsed amongst a pile of crates.
     At this point, I suppose I should be honest with all of you. When I went to England, I was looking for a death sentence. I wanted to help Kiba, and I was determined to get her out of there. That said, I was tired of it. When I lost Clair... I don't know. Something in me broke. I didn't see a point anymore. It should have been me to die in that forest, not her. I knew that my time as a Runner was going to end at some point, so I decided to go down saving someone. Make up for failing to save Clair. And when I started to bleed out in that warehouse, I honestly thought my wish was going to be granted.


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  1. While the actions are noble and brave. However one has to ask the logic of it. My opinion? Stupid move.

    But the end results speak for themselves, you're still with us.

    So maybe, it wasn't that stupid.

    - Mr. Incognito.